TOGAF 9 Intensive (Levels 1 and 2) 9.1

TOGAF 9 Intensive (Levels 1 and 2) is Archi Tact’s flagship 5-day Enterprise Architecture course. The course and the content we provide are fully accredited by The Open Group. Over the course of 5 days we endeavor to teach participants the life and form of enterprise architecture using the TOGAF 9 framework. The sessions include teaching, discussions, debates, quizzes and case studies. The course is designed to prepare participants for full TOGAF 9 certification by The Open Group. We allow the participants to appear for the Certification examination on the last day of the training and return to their offices with the certification in hand.

TOGAF 9 Intensive (Levels 1 and 2) follows an intensive and streamlined format to cover all the required content for TOGAF 9 Certification. The course provides participants practical insights from forest level views to deep dives and examples of how to successfully apply the framework across their organizations.

Intended audience

  • For the love of EA and TOGAF – individuals who require a deeper understanding of what Enterprise Architecture is all about and the role of TOGAF 9 framework in EA

  • Individuals who wish to demonstrate their knowledge of TOGAF 9 to participate in ongoing architecture projects within their organizations

  • Architects who will be responsible for designing, documenting and integrating architecture artifacts

  • Architects/Organizations who wish to establish architecture practice by using the TOGAF 9 framework

  • Individuals who wish to achieve the industry standard and professionally recognized certification to demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of TOGAF 9

Typical audience profile

  • CIOs/CTOs

  • Application Portfolio Managers

  • IT Strategists

  • Business Analysts

  • Program Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Enterprise Architects

  • Business Architects

  • IT Architects

  • Information Architects

  • Data Architects

  • Application Architects

  • Technology Architects

  • Solution Architects

  • Infrastructure Architects

  • Analytics Architects

  • Security Architects

  • System Integrators

Archi Tacts Inc as your training provider

  • World class Enterprise Architecture training accredited by The Open Group
  • World-class learning material accredited by The Open Group
  • Proven Enterprise Architecture methodology and framework used by world’s leading organisations in TOGAF® Certification
  • Learn from the experts who will make the training experience truly enjoyable
  • Hands-on training experience using real-world examples
  • Exam Pass Guarantee: You pass, we pass. You don’t, well the tab’s on us for your re-test and you are also invited to join us in any future training.
  • Support after the course to help you as your explore TOGAF and put it to practice
  • Our Passion: Training others.

What’s included in the course?

What is EA and TOGAF?

  • Management overview of the Open Group
  • Understand what EA is all about and role of TOGAF®
  • A quick review of the other EA frameworks
  • Understand the business rationale behind Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF®9
  • Understand the structure and component of TOGAF® 9
  • Understand how Enterprise Architecture is defined and realized via a combination of Business, Data, Application and Technology Architectures


  • Have an overall and detailed understanding of the ADM development cycle and all the phases that make up the cycle including for each phase:
    • Objectives and approach to the phase
    • Inputs to the phase
    • Steps
    • Outputs / Deliverables
  • Be able to use the techniques defined for use in Architecture development including:
    • Stakeholders involved and their role, concerns and a look at Views and Viewpoints
    • Architecture Principles and Architecture patterns, Views and Viewpoints
    • Business Scenarios, with Goals & Objectives
    • Planning and Analysis Techniques
    • Defining Interoperability
    • Assessing the Readiness of the Business to undergo Transformation
    • Managing Risk
    • Understand the guidelines for adapting the ADM
    • SOA and Security considerations
    • Adapting for Iterations at different enterprise levels

Enterprise Continuum

  • Understand Enterprise Continuum and the Architecture Repository, including:
    • Contents of the Architecture Repository
    • Make-up of the Enterprise Continuum, including the Architecture and Solutions Continuum
    • Architecture Partitioning
  • Have a detailed understanding of the concepts, taxonomy and graphical representations of the TOGAF® Reference Models and their application, including:
    • Foundation Architecture
    • Technical Reference Model (TRM)
    • Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model (III-RM)
    • Applications and Services
    • Qualities
    • Understand Boundaryless Information Flow
    • The Standards Information Base

Architecture Capability Framework

    • Understand how to establish an Architecture Capability
      • When and how to Set up and run an Architecture Board
      • Understand important concepts on:
        • Architecture Compliance and Contracts
        • Architecture Governance and Processes
        • Architecture Maturity Assessments and Models used for assessing this
        • Architecture Skills Framework

Architecture Content Framework

  • Understand the Architecture Content Framework and each of the following elements:
    • Content Metamodel
    • Architecture Building Blocks and their relationships to the ADM
    • Architecture Artifacts
    • Architecture Deliverables


  • Course overview
  • Introduction of participants
  • Course introduction
  • Overview of EA
  • TOGAF® 9 overview
  • TOGAF® 9 components
  • Introduction to ADM
  • Enterprise Continuum
  • Architcture repository
  • Architecture content framework
  • Content Metamodel

  • Recap quiz
  • Preliminary Phase
  • Architercture Governance
  • Business Scenarios
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Views and viewpoints
  • Building Blocks
  • Implementation Support
  • Phase A – Vision
  • Phase B – Business Architecture
  • Phase C – Overview of IS architecture
  • Phase C – Data architecture
  • Data Architecture Views and Viewpoints
  • Phase C – Application architecture
  • Application Architecture Views and Viewpoint
  • Recap quiz
  • Foundation Architecture
  • Phase D – Technology Architecture
  • Technology Architecture Views and Viewpoints
  • Migration Planning
  • Phase E – Opportunities and Solutions
  • Phase F – Migration Planning

  • Recap quiz
  • Phase G – Implementation governance
  • Phase H – Architecture change management
  • Architecture Requirements Management
  • Architecture Partitioning
  • Iterations
  • Securityarchitecture
  • SOA
  • Architecture Maturity Model
  • Architecture Skills Framework
  • Practice Quiz

  • Recap quiz
  • Final Review
  • Practice Tests
  • Certification Exam

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